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The 'Flip' Ultimate Umbrella - Hands Free, Windproof, Drip Free, Over 60 Stunning Patterns & Colours

The 'Flip' Ultimate Umbrella - Hands Free, Windproof, Drip Free, Over 60 Stunning Patterns & Colours

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☂ Reverse Folding
☂ Windproof
☂ Hands Free 'C' Handle
☂ Double Canopies
☂ Stands to Dry
☀ UV Rating: UV50+


Flip Umbrella Dimensions


⚖ 485g


Canopies: Weatherproof 190T Pongee fabric
Shaft: Lightweight steel tube with waterproof coating
Handle: Plastic and rubber compound for comfort and grip
UV Rating: UV50+

The Colours Collection

You'll never use a 'traditional' Umbrella again!

'Flip' really could be the ULTIMATE Umbrella!

It's designed to be part of your life and solves those traditional Umbrella problems…


'Flip' always Folds Dry

The ‘Flip’ Umbrella uniquely 'Flips' (reverse 'folds-in') the wet side of the Umbrella to keep the outside dry when it's closed, so it’s immediately dry when you put it in your bag or car. You won’t need to leave your ‘Flip in public places to drip-dry and risk losing it, it’s always dry! No more dripping wet umbrellas…


'Flip' Opens & Closes in Tight Spaces

Flip's incredible reverse folding technology means it can open and close in tight spaces, like getting in and out of your car, while keeping you dry. No more tricky issues getting in and out of your car in the rain…


'Flip' is Easy to Open and Close

in awkward spaces when entering or leaving any doorway, like home, work, shops or Restaurants…


You can multi-task while holding your 'Flip'

You hold your ‘Flip’ securely, hands free. Use your phone, hold onto your kids, open your bag, hold your coffee, open doors, use your keys…

You can't catch your hair or clothes in your Flip Umbrella

The mechanical parts of the Flip Umbrella are cleverly concealed between the dual canopies.


Flip is windproof

'Flip' has a double layered strong Nylon canopy with special wind pressure release air vents. 'Flip' has a light, flexible, wind proof skeleton and it’s unique reverse-folding mechanism means that it can’t blow inside-out.


'Flip' is unique. It even stands up to dry...

'Flip' really could be the ULTIMATE Umbrella!

There's no other Umbrella like it. Flip is not available on the High Street or in stores.

And, we have over 60 stunning, beautiful, eye catching Designs, Patterns and Colours for you to choose from!.

See the rest of our 'Flip' collections;

    ☔😍 'Brighten every day with a Flip Umbrella!' ☔😍


    'Flip' is a unique and cleverly designed reversible Umbrella!

     Choose your 'Flip' today...


    'Flip' really could be the ULTIMATE Umbrella! 

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