Repairs Service

Some parts of our umbrellas or products can be fully repaired. We have a repair service in the UK for specialist repairs to bring your umbrella or product back to being as good as new. This service is only available to UK and EU Customers.

*Please note that we can only repair umbrellas sold by


Below are some of the repairs that we can carry out;

Flip Umbrella

Replacement metal tips; £4 each

Canopy seam stitching; £5

Reseal 'C' handle onto shaft; £5

Flip Compact Umbrellas

Re-stitching canopy tips; £3 each

Canopy seam stitching; £5

Other models

Re-stitching canopy tips; £3 each

Canopy seam stitching; £5


Return Delivery - from £6.50


Featured collection

'Flip's mechanism is unique, it always Folds Dry

'Flip' Opens & Closes in Tight Spaces

'Flip' is Easy to Open and Close

You can multi-task while holding your 'Flip'

You can't catch your hair or clothes in your Flip Umbrella

Flip is windproof

'Flip' even stands up to dry...

'Flip' is unique and really could be the ULTIMATE Umbrella! You'll never use a 'traditional' Umbrella again!


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