Self Repair Guide


Replacing the Flip Umbrella tips

The Flip Umbrella tips are sewn into the canopy joints and clip together and then onto the end of the ribs to hold the dual canopy ends to the chassis. The tips clip apart for cleaning and maintenance.

If they are bumped hard, the more common of the two tips to break is the mid tip that sits between the end tip and the end of the rib. However, both tips are sewn in the same way.

  1. Unclip the tips and remove the damaged tip from the canopy by cutting the stitching.
  2. Remove any excess cotton from the existing stitching of the tip.
  3. Prepare a needle and a length of black cotton (approx. 25-30cm) and knot the end of the cotton
  4. Sew in a few stitches to the canopy to secure the cotton.
  5. Hold the tip in place on the joint of the canopy to the inside side of the canopy with half of the tip overhanging the end of the canopy (see pic above).
  6. Sew through the eye of the tip and through the joint of the canopy and loop across the front of the tip.
  7. Keep sewing the same loop until the eye of the tip is packed with cotton and sew a couple of loops into the canopy to secure the cotton.
  8. Trim the cotton ends to tidy.
  9. Clip together the tips and open and close the umbrella a few times to test.


Re-bonding the C'Handle to the shaft of the Flip Umbrella

Unfurl the canopy and stand the umbrella on its base with the handle end facing upwards. Check that the red button has clicked into the 'closed' catch position so that it can't go any further down the shaft.

The best glue to use is an Epoxy Resin based glue or similar.

Place a good ring of glue all around the inside of the hole that the shaft will slot into.

Carefully slide the handle onto the end of the shaft with a slight twisting motion to spread the glue as it pushes on.

Leave a gap of about 5mm between the end of the handle and the gripper that houses the red button.

Leave standing to dry and then test.


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