Our Guarantee

All our products have a 12 month guarantee against manufacturing faults and a 7 day guarantee against delivery damage. Both guarantees commence on the day of verified delivery by the delivery Courier.

Guarantee Cover

If your product develops a fault which is clearly a manufacturing fault, such as a faulty mechanism or stitching, then please follow the claims process below. 

Not Covered

Customer damage, where the fault or damage has occurred from any misuse or accident that has affected the product, such as an impact or crush.  

Claims made after the expiry of the guarantee period.


To claim under either guarantee, please contact us in the first instance by emailing

*Please provide your details, name address, email address (that match the order) and your order number.

*Please provide photos clearly showing the damage or fault or a short video if the fault affects the performance of the product.

*If you are claiming against shipping damage, please include a photo of the shipping label - including your name, address and tracking number (usually below the scan bar) and photos of any damage to the box or parcel. 

We will assess the fault or damage and if the fault or damage is verified under the guarantee, we will advise on the best course of action. This may involve either a repair or replacement. We do not provide refunds for claims after 30 days from delivery.  

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